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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hi guys, sorry how long it's being.
But I did my best to make it up to you, I did three ways with eyeshadow and one lipstick tutorial.
I was just having fun trying something new out, I really liked it so I decided to show you.
1. I used long and short black mascara.
2.Then on the PURPLE eye I used, purple eyeshadow from luxe and another one from dot.
3.I put the purple eyeshadow first and then I used black on that and used it like I was doing a line or something like that.
4.Then I puted little white eyeshadow to make some bigger effect.
5.On the BLUE eye I used baby blue eyeshadow from dot, to do the sparkle I put some luxe eyeshadow on it and then I take only the luxe eyeshadow off and the sparkle is still there.
6.Then I puted alot black eyeshadow in straight line on it.

I was just having fun, but I like them.
1.I found all the l'occitane lipsticks, because they have this small bursh that is so easy to use.
2.Then I just did some stripes.
3.Then you're done, you can also put some lipgloss over.
I also did some easy sky make up, I love this sky blue eyeshadow.
1.I used short mascara.
2.I put some black and white eyeshadow to do some effect.
3.I used sky blue dot eyeshadow.
4.To do some extra finishing I put white eyeshadow on the corners of the eyes.

I really hoped you like this make up tutorial if you have any suggestions or questions please let me know!
Kisses SDZ;**


  1. i love them all! the eyes are so cool and the lips are amazing ;]

  2. Its amazing I really love the first one with eyeshadow & I always had problem to do lips like u did so perfect.

  3. I love the purple eyeshadow. The lips I always find hard to do something creative with because the stick is big. Great make-up altogether.

  4. i love them all !
    great tutorial ! :DD