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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hi everyone! Today I was dressing some dolls and I saw this:

It’s really cool and stupid at the same time… xD because it’s animated advertisingyou can dress the doll and all of those stuff and it’s stupid because it’s publicity to stardoll to people who are in stardoll. S:

And I also found publicity to dress MISS STARDOLL WORLD!

What do you think about this?

XOXO sarinis98


  1. It looks kind of funny like legs are not her's its different color than one from upper body lol

  2. tht dolls body looks kinda creepy..lmao

  3. Cool it's about time they updated their ads! They've had an ad where you can put make up on the doll but these are better and sleeker! Good spot!

  4. Your posts don't really make sense...

  5. okay, that's your opinion. xD

  6. I mean the English, you don't say where you found it, so I get the idea you saw it on stardoll, which doesn't make sense. -.-