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Saturday, February 19, 2011

What the ... !

Hii! :)

Look what I've just seen in starplaza. Shoooes :D
FOR 40 STARDOLLARS! hhahaha and they are nothing
special.. just shoes worth 4 stardollars
not 40. Big mistake stardoll!

Well, you can buy it if you
have too much stardollars :3


  1. haha that was my first thought What the! maybe its some kind of glitch I'm mean 40SD 4 that piece of sandal I don't think soo, only antidote as I remember has expensive stuff.

  2. It's just a glitchh ..
    maybe they'll glitch again and give it for free ! hahhaha .

  3. lmao yea i saw tht..i was like glitch for sure..those shoes r ugly too..and non sss. what non ss has 40 sd? lol