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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Medolls with cigarettes!

Hey everyone♥
Ok so i noticed something that I think has recently added to stardoll fashion.
I'm the kind of person that has 100 reasons why not to and if someone paid me 1000 dollars to smoke i wouldn't.
I  know it kind of makes the doll look cool and makes them a real tough looking fashion but we all know that smoking doesn't make you cool.
So I'm gonna a little bit to the subject about smoking.
We all know that along time ago cigarettes was a simbol of being cool, But todays time we know that smoking is one of the cause to cancer and many other dieseases.
So I hope everyone knows that if someone comes up to you and asks you to smoke you won't because once you smoke you won't stop.
Like I have some relaitives that smoke and my cousin is always trying to get my aunt to stop but as much as she wasnts to she sadly can't.

Here is a pic of medoll I found with  a cigarette:

So the purpose of this post is that I felt i needed to get a point across to this horrible habit!    to SMOKING!
 Stay heathy!
Tell me your opinions!Comment!


  1. I completely agree- it's just not cool.

  2. I've seen them around for months. people make them from one of the fangs and some beauty marks. I think they look horrible personally. I hate smoking.

  3. I think shen was going for a kinda snobby look?
    like... y'get what i mean xD

  4. I'm not smoker too but I must admit I like your banner.

  5. i have seem them around .
    i thought they looked kinda cool . :P
    But i realized that they are promoting smoking to kids .
    YOUNGER KIDS that are on this website will see that , and
    think it's "fashionable" and "cool" . It's not .. it's horrible and deadly.

  6. I think they look cool. But yeah it's a bad habbit to actually smoke.