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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

INTERVIEW with 0MissHoney0! :)

Hi little monsters (Lady Gaga inspiried me :p) !

And here it is: INTERVIEW with our winner of LITTLE RULE WAITS SKIRT comp! It's interview with 0MissHoney0 (Marieke) !

Hi Marieke!
Let's start! You will tell me answers on my questions!
Ok, Let's start!
Do you like fashion? Why or why not ?
Of course! :) Why? Because I just love to be busy with clothes and create outfits with them.
Why did you make an oufit like that for competition?
Because I like cute outfits, and wanted to make it cute, like with the flower in her hair. I don't like toooo much colors so I just kept it basic :)
Where do you find your insipiration?
At school! There are so many people with lots of different styles. I like it to look at what people are wearing and than I add something of that in my own outfits.
What do you thnik about spring/summer 2011 trends?
I love them! I don't know or the trends are everywhere the same, but I love leather jackets and pastel colors. Pastel colors are my favourite, because they are beautiful and not too over the top, they look basic and natural I think :)
What is your favourite colour and why?
Definitely purple, because you can do a lot with it. It can be cute and cool! My bedroom is purple too :)
Who is your favourite deisnger and why?
I don't really have a favourite designer, but I love clothes from the H&M! Why? I don't really know... I just think they are cool and fashionable :)
Thank you for interview! And keep desinging! :)
Thank you, too! I hope the answers were good!

That's it! Thanks for reading
and don't forget to see
0MissHoney0's suite! It's really amazing!
See you at next Little comp!


  1. Congrats ones again for the win, u where amazing!

  2. Congraats .
    & interesting interview (: