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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hot Buys dress is out!

The new HB office dress is out now in starplaza!
It costs 16 stardollars (only available for superstars.
I personallt think that is very expensive yet again like the last HB dress.
You can find it under "new" or in the stardoll shop. =]
What do you think of the dress?
Will you be buying it?


  1. It's nice.But somehow cold in my opinion.

  2. I think the dress is too expensive and I don't like it... :/ I think we had far more nicer and more chic HB dresses... But I guess if someone likes it, why not buy it. Or if someone's an HB collector...

  3. i don't like it .some reason it looks so blah .
    and very expensive for JUST a dress.

  4. All it looks like to me is a ugly long sleeve shirt... I guess with the right accessories you cane make an amazing outfit...

  5. no it isn't because in real life it's DKNY

  6. I like it, but... there's something missing in it. That little special touch... you know...