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Thursday, September 2, 2010

HotBuys Hat is OUT

HotBuys hat is out in starplaza.It cost ONLY 5 stardollars.Woow,long time we didn`t saw any cheap hotbuy in starplaza.It`s only for superstars,of course.You can find in "DECADES" shop.
The hat is inspired by Stella McCartney.I love it.I bought it,you can wear with an casual outfit.But,the only think I don`t like is that you have to change your hair,if you want to hat fit on your head :/

Thanks to hotbuys addicted for the real picture

Click on the  picture to go at her suite

If you are asking yourself who`s this girl with that amazing outfit (and hat xD) oh well,that`s meadosweet.She made great outfit,the dress and shoes are perfect for this hat.She added that black-red-white bag just to pop up the outfit.

If you are wearing that Hat,write in comments and I will post your outfit in this post (:
-Mihaela (:


  1. It's cute and I love the cheap price but it's not my style... :P Maybe if I see someone wearing it with some awesome outfit I'll get inspired and buy it... ;)

  2. LOVE IT. but it's non ss . sucks for me.

  3. Awesome! I'm wearing it on my meadowsweet account. =]

  4. its cute and cheap, it will look nice with a blouse and black trousers