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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hot Buys dress out!

The Hot buys dress is out now in the starplaza!
You can find it under "new" and in Voile.
It's quite expensive at 16 stardolls [only available for superstars as usual]

What do you think of the dress?
Would you be buying it?


  1. i really like the dress, the colour and shape are perfect. i will definetly buy it :O)

  2. idk i dont really like to get dresses on stardoll that much..i like to mix a match my own outfit...

  3. wow i saw that dress in style.com

  4. I wont buy it,I dont collect hotbuys and its ss and expensive...

  5. I kinda like the shape of it and I love the color. :D But I hate that high price... :S I'll have to think about it before I buy it... ;) But thank you for the tip!! :)

  6. i love it ..
    but there's something odd about it,
    that i just don't like :33
    maybe it's the shape i dont knoww.
    but it's superstar and expensive :/

  7. I don't really like the dress
    to be honest
    its to long and ehh