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Thursday, September 2, 2010

One more glitch!

The thing we love doing the most on stardoll is saving stardollars and still buy some amazing items. Based on this, lest's just say that on the "new" section there are TWO new hotbuys shoes. One is cheaper than the other. I didn't check if the cheapest is on some other place, so hurry! They are already on the end of page 4 and they must be almost disappearing.

So, "Hot Buys Shoes" for sale at the 4th page of the "new" section. One pair is 8 stardollars and the other 6.

By the way: I've just made a new and simple banner for me. I felt ashamed for having for more than a half on an year a banner made by Filipa :S


  1. This is quite cool but I'm a bit tired of those glithces... :/

  2. wow, if i found it i will buy the 6SDs one :P

  3. This is cool for ones that still didn't buy the shoes

  4. ...well i dont like the shoes anyway, hope the next 1 is ones i like!!

  5. i don't reallt like the shoes, the real life version is better