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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hot Buys umberella is out!

The new HB transparent umberella is out now in starplaza.
You can find it under "new" or in Evil Panda!
It costs 5 stardollars and is of course only available to superstars to buy.
I think it's nice and simple.
Stardoll seems to be getting into the autumn season now. ;]

What do you think of the umberella?
Would you be buying it?


  1. i really like it :D its good that nearly all hotbuys are 5 sd!

  2. I think it's elegant and nice. And it's great to see one fair priced HB. :D But I'm not sure I'll buy it cause I have no idea whit what could I combine it... I guess it's not my style and I don't like the fact that it covers up half of my doll's face... :/

  3. i luv it buh i can't get it i'm not ss

  4. i like it, its really cute, and it remids me of the one i own, lol

    i would buy it if i was superstar :O)

  5. i love it :D
    wish it was non superstar though :3

  6. I wouldn't buy it...an umberella?...No. i dont think i would wear it...

  7. I wanted to buy it
    but i couldn't find it
    i was quiet upset
    But the umbrella is soo cute