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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New store: GLOW

The new store GLOW is out in the starplaza!
It's a light shop? Nice. =D
There are 3 floors, so check them all. =]
And it's thankfully pretty cheap.
There are also some non-superstar items which I'm very happy about.
What do you think of the store?
Will you be buying anything?


  1. i LOVE the new store. all the items are soooo COOOOOL. i love the spotlights that move. :O)

  2. uhh ilove this store but i am not SUPERSTAR TOO BAD =(

  3. I guess I like it because it's so sparkly and glowing... xD But there's nothing that special to buy, except that Vote me for CoverGirl sign. :P Maybe I'll buy that but nothing else. ;)

  4. LOVE IT . most stuff is superstar.. which is really unfair .

  5. Craetive people will make great suite with these items. I'm not in that group so...