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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mortal kiss is out! :*

Hi everyone :)

New shop -Mortal :* kiss- was relased! Some clothes are really nice but some not XD It's amazing that are 2 floors for non-superstars too! Go stardoll, go stardoll :b

How do you like this project on stardoll ?
I really like it, it's so different.

Do you like a story ?
I liiiiiiiiiiiiike it very much! It's so.. I don't know how to say.. :] It has some love in in and some dangerous and some everything! ;D

What about you think ? Tell us in comments! ^^


  1. I totally love this story!!!!! :D I think it's great that Stardoll came up with something brand new to do for us and I really think this is great way to do that!! ;) And I think it's great that all clothes are also for NS members!! Stardoll is really improving... :D

  2. i like some of the outfits... i think the to change dress room color to and off white/ cream color so you would be able to see it better.
    i like the camara for 3 sd!!

  3. It's awesome I think. And I like the clothes. =D

  4. i really like this store.
    and the story is kinda interesting =)

  5. i love the store !
    i love the clothes and everything else <3
    hehe, im so glad that the clothes are for non superstar.. i agree with hp-4ever.. stardoll is improving.. probably because of the lack of people on stardoll nowadays.. :/

  6. I really do love the superstar section..
    Its very
    Whats the word
    yeah and them shoes are just so cool

  7. some of the clothes are nice, but most look a bit old and dated. i like the idea of the story though, :O)

  8. Great clothes. I won't read the story, but I like the store! :)