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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hot Buys Glitter bag is out!

The new HB glitter bag is available to buy now in starplaza!
It costs 6 stardollars (only available to superstars as usual).
You can find it under "new" or in Rio.
I think it's a fair price. =]

What do you think of the bag?
Will you be buying it?



  1. I think this bag is totally cute!!! :D I loved it on the HB pic in magazine and I couldn't wait to see it out to buy it!! ;) I'm not surprised it's SS but the price is great!! :P

  2. i think that this blazer look s really goodd hehe

  3. cute bag and very cheap. i'm heading over to buy it :O)

  4. i like it ! it's so cheap !.. wish it was non ss though :33

  5. idk if i would buy it...i think its cute but...idk

  6. Cheap but superstar = great but I can't buy it. :(