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Monday, September 6, 2010

Lola is back ! haha XD

Hello Ü

Yeah Lola's back. And it's really BIG this time! I just moved it from shop to my suite (I didn't buy it) and it looked really big. But It's 4 $ (very CHEAP) and for NON-SS so good work stardoll :b (y)

Btw. I have new club (Mentalist) for all The Mentalist fans. Join if you like this show!

xx, mini_12_/bernarda


  1. cool and love the new look of the blog!!!

  2. The dog is really cute and it's great that it's cheap and for NS members, too. :) I'll join your club, I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    And I agree with Lady_Lola89 that this new look is fabulous!! ;)

  3. SO CUTE.

    i think i might buy it . lol.