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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

50 % SALE in starplaza :)

Hi everyone!

-Sorry for no posting, school time-

Yaay, There's sale in starplaza! *Just for superstars (do you remember when was sale for all of us ? It was amazing)* And I'm so hapy because it's my last week as superstar. :) And it's also very good because of ''Black Friday'' thing. Personally i like it very much! Good work stardoll XD.

So ..

50% sale + Black Friday = great choice :D

btw srry for no-banner, i'm making new one! :)


  1. Awesome thanks i really love the sale items in Bisiou brought 2 belts (:

  2. I couldn't wait for the last week of November cause sale time is my favourite time on Stardoll!! :D I bought tons of stuff for really cheap prices and I'm thrilled!! ;D
    Yeah, I do remember when sales were for everyone and I'm sad that they aren't anymore but that's just another way of Stardoll getting more SS members... I think that's totally unfair but there's nothing we can do... :(