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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free dress + Free radio :)

Hi everyone! :]

Free dress

20 minutes ago I have logged in to stardoll and saw that beautiful Voile dress. I have just got it. I don't know why or anything, but I like it. If any of you know how can others get it too, please tell us and I will post here! :)

UPDATE: Just members of Stardoll Royality get it. It's a missing gift (messages!). :)

Free Moxie radio

Just click on that ling and you will go to the starplaza, where you will fine some other stuff too. It is nothing special, but it can look good in our suite (There's no mark that is from Moxies) xd.

-One big THANK YOU to http://underneathstardoll.blogspot.com/ for link! keep visiting them too :D


  1. I already got the radio. And I bought the dress some days ago for two stardollar. Idk where it's from.

  2. The stardoll is not for Royalty members.. I am not Royalty and I have it too :D It was a gift for the Opera Mystery Ball as long as I can remember.. :D

  3. I've read in other blog that it was a Royalty gift, but that some girls recived it, and they weren't Royalti members, I didn't recived it, I'm not a Royalti member hehehe

  4. i think you get it when you upgrade to ss or contiue. cause wen i extend my membership i went bak to mty suite and it was there. but idk, thats how i got it :/

  5. Idk if I like this dress? it's so lacey, kinda reminds me of lady gaga x]

  6. i'll probably get the radio later on (:
    and the gift was a stardoll royalty .. for being such excellent members or something . which is beyond on far ! how bout the other 5O million people xD but oh well .
    and yeah i agree that the dress is very gaga .

  7. Oh, I got this dress a long time ago and I immidiately knew it's from the Stardoll Royalty club. :P I remember I was explaining others from the club it was the gift that Stardoll told us about in an email. :D