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Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello everyone we have a new campaign from Stardoll, it's Black friday. Black Friday means the follow friday after Thanks Giving day. To celebrate Stardoll made a Gift-o-Meter again and we have 12 exclusive gifts but we have to spent till 500 stardollars to get them all.

So what you think about this New Campaign?

Are you going to buy?

Do you like the exclusive gifts?


  1. i think this is an complete rip off ! LIKE honestly
    you have to spend 5OO sd to get a jacket :L
    at least give us the background or something :\

  2. yes,i agree with tropicsweeti
    I have only until the fourth gift but I will not spend so much .. and are not very exclusive gifts ..

  3. Hm.. I dont think I am gonna waste my money for that! :P

  4. I think those clothes weren't anything special but since it was sale in Starplaza during the weekend, I've spent a lot of money and got first 8 gifts... Some are nice but most of them aren't, I think Stardoll should've gave us some nicer clothes...