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Monday, November 29, 2010

New Sunny Bunny

There are 2 new sunny bunny stores in starplaza today!
Firstly you have the sunny bunny level 4 accesories store you will find in "Beauty".
The second store is sunny bunny kloz which you will find in the "Fashion" category of starplaza.

Do you like the new level and new clothes?
What do you think of them?
Will you be buying anything?


  1. I love the new accessories in sunny bunny *___* but the clothes I don't like...

  2. i know love love love the eyelashes , and accessories too .
    the clothes are a bit out of place :PP

  3. yea i brought alot but i dont get the wig? anyone know if you can wear it 0_o

  4. I love the new accessories and make-up things (especiall those dark dottes eyes) but I don't like the clothes... :/ They weren't shown on the spoiler and they don't look nice... And did you notice how the hairs don't fit our medolls? That's so frustrating cause I wanted to buy them... :(

  5. I quite like the owl shirt :) Also, I really like the red bows :) x

  6. I HATE the clothes. They are horrible! It looks like tingeling wanna be or something like that.
    But the normal sunny bunny is fine. I was never a fan of the store, but I really like the eyelashes

  7. Finally they put some nice eyelashes & eyemask, love it, but that jewelry nothing special.

  8. i love the accessories but my goodness i dont like any of the clothes ! duhh .. its not fasionable huh ..