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Monday, November 1, 2010

First issue Gmagazine is out!!

I'm proud to say my first magazine is finally out after all that hard work! ;)
This magazine was made to improve my graphics so please no haters...Just a nice onest truth..
so...What do you think?
To see the magazine got to
to see it..Enjoy ;)
Please comment my magazine on my site i like feedback ;)



  1. I really like the graphics. They are more or less always the first where I have a look at.

  2. the honest truth : as i a former graphic person .
    i use to do graphics too .. the second picture is honestly really good .. The hands are really good too ! Position and everything .. *thumbs up ! The background is a bit blurry ..which you should've just kept the flowers (: it still looks good either way . The first picture .. is REALLY good . background and pose ! But the shirt .. you should learn how to make your shirts look a bit more realistic .. using crease lines . etc (:
    but otherwise looks great for a first magazine !

  3. I love the graphics for this It's really cool! [: Can't wait for the next issue already! x]

  4. Congrats on making the magazine!! :D I had it before so I know how it takes a lot of time and hard work for it... ;) I think the graphics are great and I'm sure you'll just improve in them with every issue in the future! :D