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Friday, November 19, 2010


I want to say sorry for the lack of posts but i had a family problem. My Grandfather was very ill and died and i wasn't on the mood to do posts and be so active. I'm back and i will began to post and continue with my comps.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your grandpa died, I lost my grandpa last year and I know how you feel right now... :( I totally understand and if you need more time, take it, I'm sure readers will understand...
    But if you think you're ready for the blog, that's good to hear. :) I hope you'll announce the winner of your writers comp, I entered so I'm curious if I won... ;)


    P.S. If you need someones to talk to be sure to send me a message, I'll always be there for you... ;)

  2. May your grandfather rest in peace , filipa .
    i'm soo sorry to hear that your grandpa died too .
    i lost my grandpa a few years ago , it's a hard process to go through . I also agree with hp-4ever if you need more time .. take it (: The readers will understand , plus you have great writers keeping the blog active (:

    But if you're back . Im glad and Welcome back !

  3. oh filipa, it must be hard for you and hope your family to cope. dont worry filipa if your not active, family comes first :( with your family all the best. tammyxxx

  4. You never have to apologize, losing those who are dear to us is really sad, even i would take a break from everything if i were in your shoes :( Hope you are okay now. I cried remembering my cat and reading this. You always have us ok! Hope things will be better for you. To ease my pain, I sleep and it helps. Hope you will try it too.

  5. I am really sorry about ur grandpa. U know Filipa, that we are always with ur in your hard moments in ur life=)

  6. OMG :( this is the most horrible thing in the world! I am sorry Filipa.. Welcome back!