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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today we haven't much things in spoilers and in my opinion nothing special. Some stuff i think it will be free.


  1. yea i agree. some of the stuff might be free.i dont reall y like any but the best one will problay be the black see throught with neccklace. The tiger is soo cute ^^

  2. Hm... Alright I guess.. I think they're free too !

  3. aww look at the tiger it's cute xD :D
    the stuff in the first picture is most likely free .
    & i really like the black gems shirt thing :D hehe .

  4. I agree that most of them will probably be free for everyone an dI don't think they're anything special, either... :/ But I do agree that the tiger is totally cute!! :D I loove tigers so I can't wait to to get it for my doll. ;)