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Friday, November 19, 2010

new doree colors!

Stardoll realesed new Doree colors!
There very nice  I love these colors!
What do you think?
Will you be buying any?


  1. I just saw them in Starplaza and they are one of my favourites from Doree!! :D I like them because they are neutral nd soft and I bought already one hair color and one higlights. :P I'll probably get more... ;)


  2. i saw them in plaza too (:
    i really like them too ! haha .
    they're very soft and tender :D
    i really like the blue one though (:
    i never really like the highlights though :L
    i realize i never even use them o.O

  3. i brought all of them and i like the light colours of it. and i agree with tropicsweeti, i never actually used the highlights :/

  4. Like them!!!
    But I have some of them so I dont think I'll buy..