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Saturday, November 27, 2010

This week make up!

Hi, this is my first post and I hope not the last.
So I got this chance to do a make up article on this fabouls blog.
Now I'm gonna show you how I did this make up.
1. I use mascara, small and large one.
2. I always put white and black eyeline to make some effect.
3.I chose colors, like u can see I picked purple and black.
4. I put black eyeshadow on the end of the eyelid.
5. I put the purple eyeshadow on rest of the eyelid.
6. Then I find some lipstick, I used purple and little lipgloss.
7. You can just choose and haircolor u like and accessories!
8. Then u are ready.
Please comment if u want me to post next week make up article!
Kisses sunnadoggz ;*


  1. i really like it :D
    & yeah you should make a makeup article on how to
    do smokey eyes :D ( just a suggestion )

  2. this make up surprises me!!

    It`s not so common that we use the same color in the eyes and the lips but it looks awesome :)

    I love it!!!

  3. Really well done i love the way you matched the eye color and lips (:

    my favourite is the eyes because its the same way i do mine i just dont match my lips to it

  4. i like to see different make-ups so i wuld like to see u post again :)

  5. I actually love it. Purple is such a lovely colour and it's been done really well. =D

  6. Hi, welcome to the blog! :D I loooove the make-up cause I looove purple color!!! :D In my opinion, black and purple are a perfect combination so I really like what you did. :D

  7. wow .. a very nice make up .. luvv itt