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Monday, November 8, 2010


Hello everyone, i check spoilers and found a lot of long gowns, i don't like all but i love the grey long gown on 3 picture. There is 2 black and white long gowns that i like too and black and white togheder is always fashion. I will look later spoilers and add more clothes if i see.

DO you like any dress?

Will you buy?


  1. They are so chique but I dont thikn I will buy them... ^.^

  2. the dresses are cuteISH .
    but i honestly don't like any of them.
    they're either oddly shaped .. or i just
    don't like the color .

  3. I hope some of them are free! 8D

  4. i dnt reall buy long dresses :/

  5. These are really elegant and chic but I agree that their design is a bit strange... :P I like the 1st and 3rd dress on the 1st picture, the 1st one on the 2nd picture and 1st one on the 3rd picture. :) If they won't be expensive, I'll definitely buy them... ;)