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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween is over! :D

Hi everybody!

Halloween is over. For sure I'm sad because it was amazing! XD I was with my friends and we were watching scary movies & stuff lika that! I so enjoyed! How was ur Halloween? What was you? (I was ghost. (On my face I have a lot of white colour, on my body too. I was so scared :b)

Write write write! :D


btw. How do you like my costume on stardoll? :) I was red queen from Alice in Wonderland!


  1. best halloween in that life !!! i was a skull!! so scary :S !:P

  2. Halloween is not my thing. I did nothing special yesterday's evening.

  3. Halloween is over..! Yeah but in Greece we dont even have Halloween! :P

  4. Sigh, another 365 days to go... LOL. I was a gumball machine! I put a plastic clear garbage bag enough to fit my body, and stuffed colorful balloons! =) Its easy and creative! My friend was the house in the movie UP She did cardboard box around her, and put on balloons behind her! Haha! You guys can try these ideas as well if you'd like! Hehe <3

    With much looooove, IVIaybell <3

  5. Halloween is over .
    this was the one halloween day , that i didn't trick or treat . it was my day of chillaxin (:
    i chilled , watched scary movie 1 and ate the candy that i got from down the block haha .. all while im wearing my cat ears ( that i've gotten so many compliments about , their pink) and drawn on nose and whiskers . xD

    it was all good (:
    btw @lvlaybell great costumes !

  6. Lol halloween for me was so fun! My cousin got called a girl xD but the only problem was that it was FREEEEEZZZZIIINNGGGG! But it was worth it... (who doesnt like free candy?) (( dentists don't ) XD overall it was fun [: by the way GREAT COSTUME!

  7. To be honest, I didn't do anything special... :P I didn't dress up and go out. I stayed at home with my family... I bit boring, I guess... ;)