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Monday, November 29, 2010

New store Burlesque

There also another new store in starplaza; BURLESQUE There also comes a free hat! What do you think of this new collection? Will you be buying anything.

Here are some pictures of Burlesque outfits.
Some of the style is very detail and like a fairy tale.
Personally I love the burlesque style. It looks magicy. =P

A famous burlesque artist is Dita Von Teese who you can dress up on stardoll!
Have a lovely day! =D


  1. i love the fan , and the other hats [:
    the clothes are okay :D not ahmazing .
    but i really want to watch the movie !!

  2. I like the clothes so I'll check out the store. :D I hope I'll be able to see the movie, I'm very interested and curious about it... :P

  3. I like all the items, I``ll buy some of that

  4. they all r awesome! but i hate the green 1.

  5. These are from X'tina's movie!! LOVE the clothes! Especially feather dress!

  6. I like the gold dress you get for free, also, I quite like some of the dresses in the store - but some are just weird :/ x

  7. I only lke the shoes, I'm not a big fan of the outfits.
    I love Dita! She is so sexy and she can be beautifull but not trashy. I love her! :D

  8. I like everything, I thought that they gonna put it cause of movie.

  9. i bought many of those !! and i loved it .. its a good shop so plz buy .. u will be more pretty than ever !!