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Monday, November 1, 2010

Mini Halloween Competition

Hii everyone :D

Yesterday was Halloween.Booooo.I hope you all survived.I hope you all are alive.Well,if you're not...booooo.My Halloween was..uhm.Interesting?Yeah xD 

Anyway,I thought to make mini halloween competition:

What did you been on Halloween?How did you spent Halloween's day (night actually).

All you have to do is answer on this question/s.The most creative/interesting answer will win.If you win,you'll be feautured on this blog and you'll get gifts worth 30sds.(I'm sorry,I'm not superstars atm)

-Mihaela (:


  1. Hah, my story is the most creative of all: I was a t home and watched TV. That's it.
    Halloween is nothing for me. I don't really like it. But to celebrate it on stardoll is cool.

  2. Well we don't have Halloween in Greece but we have Masquerade Balls on February.. So I am going to dress up as a forest fairy or a BArbie Doll! Sso...Stay tuned on my suite then :P

  3. My Halloween was AWESOME! Im 15 and still went trick or treating! Im still a kid in the inside =) Anyways, I met up with me and my friends, all in costumes. I was a gum ball machine, my friend were dressed up as a black cat, alien, nerd, iPod and my favorite of all: The balloon house from the movie UP. Then we went to this really scary house that was decorated every year, it was seriously CREEPY. One man jumped out of a random bush and scared the crap out of me... I literally screamed out loud! It was fun though! And there was this tomb stone , that was really big, about 3 feet, and my friend didn't notice it and a guy came out of the tomb stone, and grabbed my friends waist. It was all planned by some 20 year olds maybe, but it was really fun! Then we went to many other houses to go trick or treating and we all went to my house to watch The Grudge. Yes, the Japan version. God it was so scary...! My friend and I were both screaming our heads off the whole way through and my guy friends (Who came afterwards) told me to shut up like one billion times. LOL! But then this other guy friend of mine hugged me <3 It was definitely one of the BEST BEST BEST HALLOWEEN EVER! =D


  4. HAH . mine was quite interesting ..
    So alot of guys in my neighborhood dressed up as really perky girls sorta . Short skirts, low tank , with tons of bras packed on . lmfao xD All the girls were mostly just .. cats or bunnies !
    ^ that was at school .

    Now on actual halloween day .
    i went shopping ... say an amazing costume !
    LADY GAGA . haha .
    then at night .. i went to the house down the
    block that always leave their candy outside .. took a handful .. came back . & Watched Scary Movie 1 ( :

  5. Oh my Mine was intersting I went trick or treating got home eating TONES of candy then watching all 6 saw movies (going to see saw 7 soon!) Then i stayed up till 4 am because I was afraid jigsaw would come and kill me XD pretty "interesting I would think."

  6. This sounds great, too bad I didn't see this on time... :(