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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DIAMOND mystery :b

Hi people!

When I logged it earliest today I saw a little blue cute diamond on my doll. First I was thinking that it is new icon for superstars (no more stars xd) and then I saw that other people still have a star. Yeah. Wrong hypothesis! Then I was thinking taht it is for Miss Stardoll World, but no :( I go to its page and Saw words: Finalists are coming soon (woo I hope it will be me, I wrote something really cool (for you dear readers too) XD). But then I remember... Blue diamond ? It was known. And I was right (Ofcourse!)

So.. Are you one of the 10 000 lucky people ? :D
btw. I'm sorry for no posting. It's school (-_-'') time.


  1. Yeah.I'm stardoll royalty,but this all kinda unfair. stardoll separates us on non ss,ss and now even stardoll royalty. i don't like this.

  2. Hm... I'm lucky because I got the diamond. But will stardoll have now 3 groups- NSS, SS and RSS??

  3. I KNOW .
    i want a blue diamond .
    this so unfair .. that stardoll has to separate everyone .. and other people can't even be accepted into stardoll royalty :d

  4. stardoll is getting to typical :(

  5. i think it looks nice but its a little unfair

  6. u should post the spoilers they give to you! I bet to the people who aren't royal sd will luv them... although, I do agree, stardoll is getting way to greedy... they try to make people get there parents to loose a bunch of money just because of sd... it is horrible in a way... and very uncalled for :((

  7. I don't like the fact that Stardoll found anotehr way to seperate us... :/ I mean, I agree that we should get some acknowledgment for giving them so much money for SS membership but is not the right way...