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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Louise Bourgeois Tribute

Louise Bourgeois Tribute on Stardoll!

We have a new shop in: starplaza > decor

Louise Bourgeois Tribute

some scary hands, spiders paintings mirrors etc
they are not so cheap but not so expensive, only SS can buy them and the prices are between 12-32 sds

i think the paintinfs are really cool i thikt they will fit really well in a halloween rooms and so on.

2 floors.
Will you be buying?
What do you think about this new Shop?


  1. I guess I like the store because the items are perfect for the upcoming Halloween but I think it's unfair that's for SS members only and prices are high... :/ I'm not SS so I won't buy anything...


  2. I think the items are very scary / Not my style sorry SD...

  3. Uh...expensive and horrible. Nice for halloween, but for the rest of the year it's unuseful.

  4. there not really that nicee and too expensive

  5. I don't like them.They are too expensive and ugly ;SS
    It's good for halloween but what am I going to do rest of the year with them? :SS

  6. cool but not really suitable for my suite..