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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wolf? What wolf ? :D

I heard that some members got a wolf. :) But I didn't see it ! All people that I looked for doesn't have it. So can you please tell me a nickname of someone that got it ? Or it's just not true ?


  1. I didn't get a wolf... I got some stage prop... :/ But it would be sooo great to get a wolf!!! t would be really cool if someone who has it tells us how he got it... ;)


  2. What day XD ? I dunno anything .. Maybe its a rumor! :)

  3. I haven't heard about that wolf. But I'd really like to have it.

  4. O.o
    Why did they got a wolf ( Is that's true )
    I want it.
    Btw-I didn't saw anyone with wolf ;D

  5. Wolves are so cute and fluffy. =3
    I didn't get it. And I don't know anyone who did.