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Friday, October 8, 2010

Opera Mystery

I just want to say thank you all for the nice coments in my first post here !:)

Log in to your Suite everyday in October to experience the adventure of the season

Stardoll is getting into the spirit of Halloween with an eerie October

Sounds cool, i think it will be fun this Halloween, i hope they will suprise us alot :D

For some hours ago stardoll posted this on Facebook,

So what do you think about Opera Mystery?
is it a good idea?

xoxo vicki95 :D


  1. i actually really like the Opera Mystery theme .
    it's a bit odd , and i don't get the whole story behind it , but i really like it .
    the free stuff are good ! and i really want to know what else they're going to do :D

  2. I like all the free items you get during this time! :D Good job on this one, stardoll

  3. the freestuff are alright i can put them all in a room and they fit the theme

  4. I love the free stuff! I'm using it to decorate my suite!

  5. I also like the he Opera Mystery theme, I think the stuff is really nice :)
    XOXO, Moranguita_15

  6. It's always nice to get some free stuff,so yeah,nice project xD

  7. I'm happy to get some free stuff although they are a bit weird. :P And I think it's a good idea, I can't wait for the competition and chance to win few Stardollars. :D