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Sunday, October 10, 2010

My blog is hosting a HALLOWEEN PARTY!

Dear readers:
Stardoll Hour(my blog) and Inbetween stardoll has decided to give our readers/followers a fun halloween party..
If you want because we need alot of people is to join our 2010 halloween party and follow our blogs.
This party will include: Best dressed comps,prizes and more...
To make it happen we need people to join so if you have a blog/club it would be great if you advertised it with the ad we have below.
If your interested please contact me-yissy123 or winniegirl123 for more info...The invite is not ready yet but BEWARE...


  1. I hope I can come, I may no be able to!

  2. It sounds great!! :) I'll try to make it... ;)


  3. Invitation looks great,I'll see if I'll come ;)

  4. i want to come forsure (:
    just depends whenn and what time of course.
    but it seems like a great party , can't wait !

  5. Fight for your right to par-tay. ;D
    It looks awesome.