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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Opera Mystery

As usual, today we got another Opera house gift.
And its a Feather hat!

looks like this...
And we also got another letter in the mystery and its a - T

Can we reveal it this far?
I tryed to figure it out but i dont know hehe, now i want you to try! tell me by comment below!
What do you think it is?

The red letters is by me, maby its these letters?

What do you think?


  1. i can make an awesome outfit with it )=

  2. I think u have it! The hat is kewl! :) xx

  3. i think it means that and i like the hat

  4. i love the hat (:
    & you got the message i think !!!

  5. OMG I actually like that hat :DD

  6. I dont really like the gifts, not really my style! But its free, so whatever! Haha! I think you are right! I wonder what we get at the really end!

  7. The hat is cute and it could be used for some pirate costume... ;) As for the letters, I agree with your theory, I had that message on my mind for a while now... :)