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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OFFICIAL thefashionablestardoll's blog T-SHIRT!

Hi again!

I have get this idea on underneathstardoll.blogspot.com :)

I think it's so amazing, but we won't have the same thing!

I made a t-shirt with our name (just 3 letters). You can buy it in every colour (just ask me in messages).

If you just wanna have it (without prizes) then you can buy it for 8 stardollars (1 sd for me :)

REMEMBER! : IF you wanna shirt TELL ME in MESSAGES! If you won't tell me then you can't buy a shirt! :) + it can be in every colour!

So.. What do you think ?


  1. i love the shirt !!
    but i don't get what you were talking about
    near the end .. how if we want to buy one .
    how much do we have to pay .. 13sd ?

  2. u need lern abit moe skills to make it more hot..to buy...

  3. what does this blog get by buying these tops?