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Friday, October 22, 2010

New Opera house gift; Pipe Organ

The new Opera House Mystery gift is here!
Today we receive a Pipe Organ.
What do you think of it? =D
Will you be using it for your suite? ;]
And do YOU play an organ? o.o

We also get another letter to reveal the secret message.
(Even though I'm pretty sure most of us know what to expect as the word).

Have a nice day. ;D


  1. To be honest, this is the most ridiculous ggift of them all... :P What are we supposed to do with this gift? xD I really hope there will be some opera interior because this would only fit into something like that... ;)


  2. uhm ... RANDOM MUCH ?
    i totally agree with hp-4ever .
    like seriously , what are we suppose to do with
    that ? it's so out there . lmfao (:

  3. i agree with everyone. its not nice! . idk its just ???

  4. I like it, my room has a dark theme, so all of the gifts fit in well for me

  5. I think it's not that useful, but maybe I can use it for sth.