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Saturday, October 23, 2010

MORTAL KISS is coming to the end :)


Hi! :) Stardoll's great story-Mortal kiss is coming to the end! Just few pages (to 666). But we still don't know it will be happy or sad end. Everybody that read last chapter, was very sad, because Faye must choose one that she loves much. But their love will maybe lost (I hope that won't). I also think that she will chood Finn. Lucas is cute but I prefer Finn, because he is so mysterius xd.

What about you ?

Which brother do you like more? Finn or Lucas?

Yeah, can't wait on the end :D


  1. i don't even know what the story is about .
    loollol. it's way too long !
    but i would go with Lucas (;

  2. I'm soooo sad that this is almost coming to an end... :( I really grew fond with the characters and it'll be weird to know that this will be over soon... :( I hate this kind of endings but in my opinion, I think she'll choose Finn. I just think she feels much more connected to him and feelings for him are much stronger than for Lucas... But I hope there will be some twist in the end to allow Faye and Finn to be happy after all... ;)


  3. agree with Tropicsweeti!!

    hehe :P

  4. hahaa! I never actually read the book at all! ;S

  5. TEAM FINN! I am quite behind on the story, but from what I've read so far Finn is way cooler in a biker gang and Lucas is a stuck up rich guy.