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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Free STARDOLLARS for superstars.

Hi! :)

It's a new thing on stardoll. Do you remember that Recycle thing in ur suite? It's for superstars and you get a stardollar if you recycle one thing. Yeah, that's old. But what's new ?

Months ago you cannot recycle gifts and stuff like that. But now you CAN! All you have to do to get free stardollar is:
Go to urs other doll and send you non-ss gift. Then recycle that gift and ur free 1 stardollars is here! VOILA!

Hope that will help you! :]

btw, Does anybody SELL ELLE BASIC SKIRT? If yes, please tell me in my gb.


  1. OMG ! thnx..

    No I dont have the skirt...

  2. um one simple drawback...
    remember that plant that non-ss could buy for a gift? It's gone :( And i can't recycle cupcakes because it won't give me sd for something worth less then 1 stardollars
    i'm ss

  3. Oh! Thanks for the great tip! I am NSS so I cannot do it, but ill tell others!

  4. Thanks for the tip. :) I don't have the skirt but even if I did, I'm not SS so couldn't sell it to you... :P


  5. thanxx. i have heaps of cupcakes to recycle

  6. thnx but u cant get a sd for a cupcake :(

  7. haha i know it but anyway thank you!!....add me on SD!!........