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Saturday, October 9, 2010

HotBuys Bag is OUT

 Hii everyone :D
I just checked starplaza and saw that Hotbuys leather bag is released.It's really nice and cute.The color is great.You can wear it with daily outfit,casual style.It looks chic.It's inspired by topshop.I really wish they make Topshop store in starplaza.
You can find the bag in Bisou.It cost 7 stardollars and it's only superstars.The price is nice,quite cheap.

What do you think?Do you like it?Would you buy it?

Next Hotbuy:Hotbuys Puff Dress,14 October

-Mihaela (:


  1. Personally..I LOVE it :D I have already bought it and it is in a suite I am busy constructing

  2. I think it is okay... Not my favorite

  3. i am in love with it , haha (:
    i can't buy it yet .. not superstar .

  4. i love the style of it. so i brought it XD. im trin to collect all the hoybuyss

  5. I love SO much October Hotbuys, they are so IN.
    I love these bag, I already bought mine :D
    XOXO, Moranguita_15

  6. love it sooo SO MUCHH .. ALREADY GOT IT BTW

  7. I like it because it's simple but I don't like the color. :) Also, the price is nice, I agree with you. :D


  8. i wouldn't buy it not my style unfortunately - princess.Vogue

  9. They look nice but it is also important that you are only spending your money on bags that you are really going to be able to make the most out of. With the right size, the right amount of compartments, and the style that will go with many outfits that you own, you will be sure to have spent your money wisely.
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