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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today we have lots of spoilers, on the 1 picture we can see more new designs for Stardesign. I like very much some of the dresses and some of the boots. Tell us on comments your opinion.


  1. I like everything from the 2nd picture, some of them from the second to last picture and some of them from the last picture. :) I hate the fact that the Stardesign will be the same as the HB jacket we got few months ago... But I do hope that the things I like will look good when they come out and that they won't be very expensive...


  2. i love the whole gold thing that's going on .
    I love the colors and the designs very chic (:
    & i love the pants for stardesign ,
    i hope they're cheaap !!

  3. I will be honest, I really DON'T like today spoilers, the clothes are REALLY REALLY ugly for me, I won't buy it.
    XOXO, Moranguita_15

  4. theres alot of stuff there all cool

  5. I would have to try some on...and think how would I dress my doll...

  6. Love the black dress with gold stripes! <3