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Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween clothes

Today stardoll updated more clothes/Halloweeen costumes. Soon its Halloween and if you didnt

have the chanse to buy these costumes before, you can buy them now, if you like them ofcourse!
I dont like many of these, and i think some of you agree with me, but i think we can make nice outfit if we are creative!

Earlier stardoll added new clothes in the shop(Halloween Couture)
Where they have clothes that fit for Halloween!

And I hope Stardoll will update more Halloween clothes, so we have something to choose between!

I like every single piese from here :)

What do you think about the Halloween clothes so far?
Do you like some of them?


  1. Last year halloween clothes were just amazing,but these are not bad,too =P

  2. Halloween couture is amazing and the rest okay.

  3. i like the ones from tingeling

  4. I love the couture clothes (:
    i really like the costumes , i would buy some ..
    but unfortunately all of it is superstar :L

  5. i love the new tinglings one but the achive are alright

  6. I like this years costumes but I think last years were better. :P I like some of them in Archive store and I like almost all of them in Tingeling Halloween Couture store. :D


  7. I love the items :D very trendy ;)

  8. couture clothes r soooo sooo awesome .. elegant and soouufff