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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot buys mittens out!

The HB mittens are out now in the starplaza.
Find them under "new" or in the Pretty In Pink store.
They cost 6 stardollars (superstar only).
What do you hink of them?
Will you be buying them?

Have a nice day! ;D


  1. OMG i love the mittens (:
    but i have to see what they look like
    on my medoll .. but otherwise if they look
    great and i will forsure buy them !

  2. Really cute! If i were superstar, i would so totally buy them! I loooove winter! Except when its too cold and you cant move your face or body D: LOL

  3. I bought them. They are awesome. But usually I hate mittens in real life. But the stardollversion is cool.

  4. Didnt bought them .. I think I wont .. Lets see..

  5. I think they're really cute but I'm not sure I'll be doing some winter looks that will require them so maybe I won't buy them... :P


  6. I think they are cute but I don't really love em love em you know?