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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Donna Magazine :)

Donna Magazine Fall Issue is released.Owner is smoothielove.She's very talented graphic designer.The covergirl is Marcela.I like it,the articles and graphics are very good.They all did a great job :)

Click HERE to check it.

Click on the picture to make them bigger.

What do you think about it?Did you read it?Do you like the articles?Graphics?
Write your opinion in comments.

-Mihaela (:


  1. Yeah,I red it.
    I really love the grafics *_*

  2. I read it and was really dissapointed :( I know Donna Mag can do better... so, why didn't it? :/

  3. I really love the graphics. I wish I could do so amazing graphics!

  4. i saw it already !
    it looked great !
    their graphics were great ! :D

  5. I already read it and I couldn't agree more on how cool the graphics are. :D The articles are interesting, too. ;) Only thing I don't like is that the CG is famous Stardoll member... I wish they chose someone unkown...


  6. I love the graphics! Those ppl have talent on it!