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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Opera mystery gift

Hi all :)
this is probably the last gift from Opera Mystery!

Today we got a free dress! - Ruffled Dress
its pretty a nice dress :)

i got 2 of this dress idk why

And now to the message!


and under that, it says : come back tomorrow and see if you can find the key to the Opera!
I guess we just have to wait and see :)

anyway, it sounds exciting for me!
what do you think ?
are yo excited?

xoxo Vicki95


  1. I'm really exited what the surprise will be. I really wondered when we got the interitor one day ago. I thought that would be the surprise.

  2. I love this gift but I agree it's a bit weird we got 2 of them... :P As for the message, I think I know what is it all about... ;) I got an email from Stardoll (not dollmail but an email) that tomorrow will be an Opera Mystery Halloween ball and there will be some prizes... ;) Message is probably about that. ;) I hope I'll be able to make it to the ball...


  3. Its not a mystery anymore!! as for the interior.. But now I am waiting for the ball!!

  4. it's weird how we got two dresses :L
    totally agree with hp-4ever.

    can't wait for the ball ..
    im gonna TRY to come to the ball .
    and the prize is stardollars .. so im told.

  5. The gift isnt THAT great, but its free, so what the heck! Its this star head thing, I thought it would be way better...

  6. I really like this gift! It's different wich is really cool and I'm sure you could make a really creative outfit with this!