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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Opera house gift day 7:

Today's 7th gift is: 
What do you think?
I think there not that exciting at all i wish they gave away real halloween stuff not some Opera stuff...(My onest opinion).
Heres the message:
Ok i got alot the comments that it's not what i thought wich is true i guess i really dont know what the message is...LOL
What do you think it is?


  1. yeah i like the halloween stuff better .
    but maybe their saving something for halloween ;D
    we never know .. stardoll is filled with surprises !

    & i have no idea what the message is :O

  2. I agree, this stuff isn't really for Halloween but I love it!

  3. I really love the stuff. I'm thinking about to create a new room with the stuff.

  4. I think Stardoll is being really nice gaving us it.
    I don't know what the sentence says.
    XOXO, Moranguita_15

  5. THanks for the info :)

  6. I agree with you that the gifts are a bit weird but I think that we'll have to make some room to look like opera house in the competition so these gifts might be helpful. ;) As for the words, I have no idea what will it say, I'm very impatient to find out more. :D


  7. i have no clue what the message is :(