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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Free barbie shirt!

Hey everyone:
Stardoll has been giving alot of barbie T-shirts lately..
Heres how to get it:
1. Go to: www.slygeek.com
3. LOG IN( Don't put remember password)
4.Click on the answer 'Broken Heels' then click ENTER COMPETITION
5.Fill in the form just make up doesnt need to be your real info.
6.Then click on "ENTER COMPITITION"
8.Your Done!


  1. Stardoll is in love for barbie eheheh xDDD

  2. haha .. yeah, but I don't see why - nobody really wears them :/

  3. I think the shirt is cute but I won't get it. :P I always get myself those free shirts and then I put them in my storage and I never wear them. xD

  4. Thanks for the tip .
    i honestly agree with hp-4ever. i never
    really care for free shirts like those . :D
    i just put them in my storage , and they are forever
    locked away :3

  5. same i agree with you both. I usually put them in storsges and never actuall wear it. to me its just a plain shirt with the word barbie. :/ i wouldnt risk getting it and maybe get a virus :/

  6. Yeah me too I don't think that I will get her, i already have too many shirts like that one.

  7. i like it .. i have it now .. i just notice .. there's always a free babie thing .. :)