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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hot Buys Dress

Hi Gorgeous!

The new Hot Buys Dress is out! It costs 17 Stardollars and is only for Superstars! I think the dress is awesome for a Party in a Club or Disco.
If you wanna buy the dress, click HERE!

The Real Version is from Topshop:

(thanks to Hotbuysaddicted.blogspot.com)

Do you wanna buy the dress ?

xxx supperstarvanni


  1. Dress is very pretty but I wouldn't spend 17SD on her.

  2. I think the dress is cute & is worth it

  3. i think the dress is really pretty an cute .
    i agree with mace88 . SO NOT worth it .

  4. I amin love with this dress! Its so cool!! :)