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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jameela Jamil on stardoll !

Now we have Jameela Jamil's doll here on stardoll, i've never heard of her, have you?

I think she adorable!

Jameela Jamil is an English television presenter, born in London, who has appeared on various Channel 4programmes especially on their T4 channel's music programmes.
Jamil, nickname "Jam-Jam", is 5 ft 10in tall, and was 23 years old in 2010.She is a native Londoner, born in Hampstead Heath. At school, Jamil says she was "bookish and shy Back then it was all about comfort. I literally didn’t care what I wore". Her Interests include art and biology.

What do you think about her?


  1. She is so beautiful! *o*
    I've never seen her before

  2. very pretty...but never heard of her.

  3. shess preeety!!! I thought she was a model but shes a presenter :0 niceee :D

  4. Shes very beautiful I also thought that shes a model but never heard 4 her.

  5. What a stunning woman. I have heard of her, being a Londoner myself.