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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Make up inspierd by fireworks.

Hi everyone and merry christmas!
This week make up was not hard to figure out what to do.
I did make up inspierd by fireworks, omg I just notice it's a looks a little like my old rainbow make up ;S, but I hope u like it!
So this is how I did:
1. I use black eyeliner, I don't put it everywhere I don't really know how I can explain how I did it, u can just do like on the picture.
2. Find black and white eyepencil I put the white one on the corners of the eye and black on the end.
3. I used long and short black mascara.
4. Eyeshadows, I chose the colors from luxe because they have this firework sparkle that I absolutely love!
5. I used seablue eyeshadow on the end of the eyelid.
6. then I put purple eyeshadow on the middle and a little over the seablue color.
7. Then I fix the seablue color and make it a little more seeable.
8. I put alot of pink eyeshadow on the rest of the eyelid.
9. I used a little light pink blush.
10. I put lipstick and lipgloss, I did't put the lipgloss everywhere just on the middle of the lips.

I also did some firework lips.
I did't find the right colors but I hope u like them!
1. I used pink lipstick from luxe.
3. I used purple lipstick from luxe .
4.I used one of the new colors from luxe pearl pink or something.
5. I used a little lipgloss to.
But please comment and tell me what u think, also leave some suggestion for next week make up!