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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Store : Whip My Hair


There is a new Store in Starplaza called 'Whip My Hair'. As some of you know,Willow Smith sang this song and she got more famous since then! You can  buy Necklaces,Wigs,Stuff for your Hair and colorful Tatoos for the face of your Medoll! You can find the Store in the Starplaza under the category 'Beauty' or

Do you like the new Store ? Will you buy something ?

xxx supperstarvanni


  1. To my opinion, Its bad.. I dont really like it and dont think I'll ever visit that stire anymore. No offence but i makes the song bad seeing it :/

  2. i think that is no sense. completly. ;/

  3. Its soo ugly, dont want to waist my money on that.

  4. Hate it .
    Complete waste of money if you buy anything
    from that store . There's like one thing i like .
    But honestly... WHY STARDOLL ? it's just blah :P

  5. It looks creative... not sure what I would buy though.