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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hot buys purse out!

The new HB purse is available to buy in starplaza!
Find it under "new" or in Rio.
It costs 9 stardollars! (ss only)
What do you think of it?
Have you/will you buy it?

If you've got this bag on your medoll, let me know in comments to show your outfit.
4 days till christmas now (GMT). I can't wait. x]

Here are some of are glamorous readers with their HB purse:
(Click the picture to enlarge).
I think they all look absolutely amazing. <3


  1. Gosto muito de blogs sonre o stardoll... Vou seguir esse aqui :D Bjs

  2. thas so cute and ive got it already. ;))

  3. I bought it :) It's on my meDoll - Chloe275
    I adore it ♥

  4. I like this HB the most this month!!! Its very cute and looks elegant!! I brought it and I like it :) LIKE LIKE :D

  5. Very cute looks a bit like diamond.

  6. OMG . i love it , im gonna buy it !
    It looks great (: